Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to manage your portable applications on your desktop?

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This article presents a small free tool called "USB Grabber" developed by Prox-IA.This tool allows you to create shortcuts on your desktop corresponding to your prefered portable applications stored on your USB key. When you insert your USB key, "USB Grabber" creates the shortcuts of the applications you have configured. "USB Grabber" allows you to start your prefered portable application if you configured it this way. "USB Grabber" can also create a shortcut to any file type (.ppt, .doc, .pdf,...). When you withdraw your USB key, "USB Grabber" is in charge to remove the shortcuts.

This tool has been developed in order to ease the access to portable applications when the "autorun" functionality is disabled or does not exist (as this is the case for Windows 7).

"USB Grabber" has been currently tested on Windows XP SP2, SP3 and Windows 7.

Any comments, remarks or suggestions are welcome to improve this tool.

To install "USB Grabber" you can download it THERE. Then you extract the content of the "rar" file in the directory of your choice. The first step to use "USB Grabber" is to enter a password (8 characters) in order to protect your configuration file.

For security reasons, the password is asked when you launch "USB Grabber" and at any time you want to add, to edit or to remove an application.

You will find more information about existing portable applications at

Have fun...!